Cultured Pearl Necklace and Bracelet
Click on this picture to see a LARGE closeup view of these pearls

  • Necklace is 18 inch strand of 50 uniform knotted cultured pearls with 14k gold clasp with safety lock.

  • Bracelet is 7.25 inches long with 21 uniform cultured pearls, again, with 14k gold clasp.  Clasp is rosette style with a fish-hook closer.

  • Pearls have a body color of white.

  • Overtone = Faint Rosee.

  • The necklace luster is Medium to Medium-Low.

  • The necklace pearl Roundness = off-round to semi-baroque.

  • The necklace clasp is 14k yellow gold set with a 14.05mm Mabe pearl that matches color and texture of the strand.

  • Condition of the necklace is EXCELLENT with NO VISIBLE WEAR!

  • Bracelet luster is High to Medium-High.

  • Bracelet pearl Roundness is slightly off-round.

  • The bracelet pearl nacre is thick.

  • Matching is very good.

  • Condition of the bracelet is EXCELLENT with NO VISIBLE WEAR!

  • Please review certified jewelry appraisal for full details.

  • Appraised value for this matching set is $2,595.00!!

This will make an excellent Mother's Day gift for your loved one!

Pearls will be sold in a black velvet pouch and gift-boxed.

More Pictures:

CLICK HERE to see a LARGE version of this picture This is a picture of the clasps on both the necklace and bracelet.

Both clasps are 14k gold.

Click on this picture to see a much larger version that shows the fine detail and craftsmanship.


CLICK HERE to read a full Certified Appraisal

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